I Too Am Mississippi Storytelling Project

ITA-MS catalog coverWAAM Coalition presents TEAP-MS’s I Too Am Mississippi Storytelling Project, aimed at elevating the voices, faces, and lives of Mississippi’s transgender citizens. This project challenges restrictive narratives about who belongs and who gets to participate fully.

In the “I Too Am Mississippi Story Telling Project” introduces you to Shaun, Alicia, Fiona, Stephenie, and Jensen, and includes their personal stories through video, a pop-up mobile exhibit, and catalog of photos. We hope that their stories help build a bridge between the sociological perceptions and the individually lived realities of trans Mississippians.

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True Hospitality Sees Everyone As Equal


Imagine a state that creates opportunities and shows hospitality to its native-born and all who visit here. Truth is: Mississippi has yet to live up to its motto.  We’ve put barriers and bias in the way. Mississippi can pave the way forward and make our state a place where everyone is welcome and all of us can be proud to call home. Tell Your Representative that We Are ALL Mississippi and Everyone Deserves Protection from Discrimination. Support state and local civil rights protections for ALL Mississippians.