We are all Mississippi and this is YOUR Mississippi. You have the ability to shape the policies of our state; to make it more hospitable and inclusive to all people. There are two definitive steps you can take now to ensure a more equitable future for all Mississippians.

First, call your state representatives and tell them why you support a Mississippi Civil Rights Act, one that guarantees equal protections for all in our state. Passing the Mississippi Civil Rights Act remains the foremost goal of the We Are All Mississippi campaign. We will continue to put forth and lobby for this bill in the Mississippi House and Senate. You can support our efforts by contacting your senators, by phone, email, letter, or fax, and telling them why you think a Civil Rights Act is a necessary step for Mississippi.

Second, you can check to see if your city or municipality has an ordinance that offers local protections to all individuals. If not, and you want to extend protections to all in your city, you can contact the We Are All Mississippi campaign by email at weareallMS@gmail.com. One of our campaign advisers will counsel you on your next steps so that you can form a local alliance committed to passing a non-discrimination ordinance in your city.